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Realtime Insights: Laser-based manufacturing of composite components

Light and strong – it doesn’t always have to be metal

In automotive engineering, aerospace technology and for onshore and offshore pipeline construction, steel as a traditional construction material is more and more replaced by lightweight components. Alongside aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastics are becoming increasingly important: they are 60 to 70 percent lighter than steel, 25 percent lighter than aluminum and offer impressive stability, corrosion resistance and good fatigue properties. In the series production of CFRP components, laser-based tape laying has a long tradition here and has been successfully used since 2009. New developments such as modular multi-head diode lasers or even rotating multi cw lasers, open up completely new possibilities – both technically and economically.

What to expect:

  • Introduction to laser-based manufacturing of composite components
  • Technical development of diode laser beam sources and processing optics
  • Application examples and processes

Language: English

Data: 06/10/2021 ore 14:00

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