ScopeLED F-Series

ScopeLED F-Series

ScopeLED F-Series

F-Series Bright-field Microscope Illuminator


ScopeLED's F-Series LED based Fluorescence Microscope Illuminator is designed to replace the conventional arc lamp sources for fluorescence microscopy applications. The heart of the F-Series illuminator is our high performance LED light engine with our advanced thermal design yielding a very high intensity optically stable light output. The F-Series design offers a nice small lamphouse type form factor, directly coupling to the microscope's epi-fluorescence illuminator and the smallest desktop footprint available in the industry. ScopeLED offers wavelengths from 390nm to 670nm in single, dual or quadruple wavelenght models. See why ScopeLED is the bright solution for wide-filed fluorescence applications, affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly.




RGB Channel Images


green bullet Hight Efficiency Dense Matrix LED Array Light Source triangle bullet icon No Hazardous Material in the Laboratory
green bullet Brilliant Fluorescence Images triangle bullet icon No Fiber Guide Replacement
green bullet Easy Ergonomic Controls triangle bullet icon No Bulb Replacement
green bullet Instant On/Off triangle bullet icon No Maintenance
green bullet Variable Intensity triangle bullet icon No Alignment
green bullet 30,000 Hours of LED Life triangle bullet icon No Vibration
green bullet Direct Coupling to Microscope
green bullet Extremely Cost Effective


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Sample Skin Section

Image of sample skin

Wavelength Information

Nominal Wp 390±5 440±5 470±5 525P 540±5 560P(±10) 595±5 640±5 660±5 740±5
Measure Wp 389 442 468 523 538 558 602 638 659 744
Power (mW) 400 600 520 230 150 420 120 420 350 180


Absolute Maximum Rating

AC Input Voltage (* PSU)
Input Frequency (* PSU)
AC Input Current (max) (* PSU) 600mA
Power Consumption (Nominal) 30W
Model F110 Weight 1.61 lbs
Model F120S Weight 2.62 lbs
Model F140D Weight 2.82 lbs
* PSU - Power Supply Unit


Compatible Microscope Brands Compatible Microscope Brands

AccuScope, Leica, Leitz, Nikon Eclipse, Nikon Eclipse Ti, Olympus, VWR and Zeiss

F-Series Spectral Plot

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Mechanical Dimension
F-Series Product Dimension
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Il modello RGB permette di gestire come canali separati ognuna delle emissioni in modo da funzionare, attraverso un unico collegamento TTL, per Color Imaging ad alta velocità ed eliminado la necessità di uno specifico software per trigger e controllo. La matrice Dense Matrix LED è non-phosphor based ed è inerte all'eccitazione laser.