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Optoprim offers nLIGHT fiber lasers to the European market, a leading company founded more than 20 years ago on the vision that technical innovation in semiconductor lasers would enable laser applications not possible at that time. Two decades later, they deliver on that vision as a leading vertically integrated supplier of high-power semiconductor lasers and fiber lasers for industrial, microfabrication, and aerospace and defense applications.

nLIGHT’s fiber lasers are engineered to maximize productivity for various metal processing applications. Their customer-first philosophy provides increased functionality, a better user experience, and greater uptime.

nLight’s fiber lasers with advanced metal processing technology provide tunable beam quality with an all-fiber design. This award-winning product line allows the machine operator to tune the laser spot size, divergence, and beam shape to best suit their application. The versatile palette of beam settings enables processing of all metals without compromise. In cutting, these fiber lasers provide CO2-like edge quality for thick metal and the speed advantages of fiber lasers for thin metal—all with the reliability and low cost of ownership of fiber lasers.

Hardware-based back-reflection protection allows processing of even the most reflective metals with no interruptions or damage to the laser.

Furthermore, their modular design allows for rapid component maintenance and the possibility of performing almost all of the service in the field.